copyright versus plagiarism

When faced with the concepts of copyright and plagiarism one can feel confused about the difference between both concepts, not only that but also confused about how common those definitions are in our communities or in other words to what extent are we acquainted with them.

To define both concepts we need to differentiate them first. As for plagiarism -in my opinion- I think it is more an abstract than concrete in its influence but to be more clear we can define it as if you are giving yourself someone else credit or praise which I dare to say you steal what someone else exerted efforts to obtain so it is k ind of stealing -if you did that you are a thief- you deprive someone from what he rightfully deserved.

When it comes to copyright it is a little bit different and similar to that of plagiarism. It is different as it represents a more concrete than abstract which is on the contrary to plagiarism, when defining it we can say that it is to take someone work and make benefits or profits for your own which is also stealing.

so to conclude we can see that both concepts are interjected and related in a way you can not mention one without mentioning the other in relation to another important concept that deals with the idea of what you do when no one is watching meaning you and your conscience and principles.

Concerning the way to introduce such concepts to learners or even colleagues I think we can use the method that includes presenting certain issue and asking Do you think it is right or wrong? and start a discussion, then move to analysis and finally to concluded definitions. 


One thought on “copyright versus plagiarism

  1. Hi Mohamed, I read this post when you first wrote it…and now reading it again after having read your newer post… It sounds like you might integrate your final paragraph here with your other suggestions in the next post.
    I also remember liking the abstract vs concrete difference you see between plagiarism and copyright. I don’t know that this is accurate, but it does help clarify some of the differences. I do think one can learn about one without learning the other, but they are both important.
    I think attributing others is essential (all creative commons licenses have “attribution” required) but making one’s work unavailable to others without getting paid (especially digital stuff) is not always justice. That’s why we learned about creative commons

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